One of my main goals for spring is to add more color to my wardrobe. Specifically orange, yellow and of course this season’s darling, mint green. As expected I was very pleased when today’s Fashionista strutted passed in colorful yet subtle tones.

She has on a loose fitting yellow sheer blouse unbuttoned to her waist and tucked into a navy blue skirt. I love the sheer trend because it works all year round. Even though the light material lends it more to warmer seasons, it is easy to layer up and opt for a long sleeved blouse during colder seasons. This Fashionista purchased her blouse from a vintage store but you can find a similar one at Nasty Gal. 

She adorns herself with a mixture of jewelry from forever 21 and thrift stores. I particularly like that she has on multiple rings as it adds a little edge to her look. If attempting this, ensure that the rings worn complement each other, they don’t necessarily have to match but they should blend well together. Here are some rings from Urban Outfitters that could be paired together. Today’s Fashionista chooses to wear a long necklace thereby dressing down her outfit. To dress up this look, button up the blouse and place a collar necklace like this one from Aldo beneath the collar like you would a bow tie.

Finally her short pixie cut is the crowning piece to this chic and simple ensemble.

Spotted: Giambattista Valli's fall 2012 collection features sheer accents.


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