Right now, I am battling a bit of a cold. The sore throat, runny nose, nagging cough kind of cold. And I can guarantee I am not alone. How may you ask did I get this cold? Well, I faced the bitter NYC winter ill-prepared. That means no gloves, no earmuffs, and no scarf. Well the result, Fashionistas, is no fun. Why do I share the saga of my sickness with you all? Because there is a fashion remedy! 

This Fashionista illustrates how bundling up with a fantastic scarf is not only effective to ward off harsh winds, but is the perfect topper to any ensemble. I usually opt for green plaid number to pop off my neutral colored coat. But I love how this Fashionista kept everything monochromatic with the black boots, sweater, jacket, and scarf. The scarf has the perfect amount of bulk as well. It is full enough to protect her chest and neck without overtaking her entire frame. Now that, Fashionistas, is smart fashion.

So while you are nursing a bowl of chicken noodle soup, search the web for a new scarf to help you stay warm and on trend. Try going for a chunky black or neutral colored one to match your favorite winter coat.

Spotted: Mulberry's fall 2011 collection was created for the Fashionista who wears a long party dress with a heavy parka over it. Creative Director, Emma Hill, made a collection that was not only effortlessly chic but realistic for us Fashionistas in cities where the weather is simply miserable. I especially loved her nod to chunky scarves and draping this accessory over any coat. To avoid staying home sick all winter season take note from Mulberry's collection where mixing fancy garments with warm pieces like a scarf is way glam. 

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