Fashionistas and Fashionistos thrive on the destruction of expectations—and Chubbies shorts are nothing short of groundbreaking. These short-shorts are not only uber-preppy, sold strictly in bold colors, but they also promote an entire population of men with an aversion to pants and all things cargo. They take their American barbecue and tanned kneecaps with utter sincerity (read: Manifesto).

Chubbies are marketed as “radical” so it was only natural that this Fashionisto snap an equally funny photo. Today’s Fashionisto chose a bright yellow, also known as the “Walk of Fames”, which are perfectly fitting for a summer barbecue. He proves that short-shorts and vests are not limited to a Fashionista’s closet—the boys can wear these pieces too.

Navy and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations, but this fleece Eddie Bauer one also comes in a forest green and faded gray, all of which could be worn with these bright shorts. Try this light jacket from J.Crew for those cool, summer-into-fall nights.

This Fashionisto also wore Jimmy Buffet sunglasses and croakies, a classic summer staple. I love his quirky twist on it though; he wore the croakies to the front and sunglasses behind for a more functional approach.

And, of course, the most vital accessory of any outfit: the shoes. I always think of TOMS shoes as having a hipster vibe, but the way this Fashionisto wore these Chukka boots demonstrates their style versatility. Try a studded high-top sneaker for an even stronger style-shock.

Spotted: Men’s shorts hitting above the knee were all over the Louis Vuitton spring 2012 runway—although I would recommend a napkin if you’re eating barbecue in these bad boys.

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