Winter break is quickly approaching and students everywhere are craving coziness for the holidays after a stressful fall semester. So what better way to stay relaxed and warm than wrapping up in your favorite knitted accessories?

This season, knitted footwear has become the trend of choice and it’s taking sock-wear to a whole new level—literally. These trendy stalkings, also known as sweater socks, are usually worn with boots and go just slightly above or below the knee, depending on your desired length. Adding sweater socks to your ensemble can completely transform your outfit by adding a little flare to your footwear. The best thing about them though, is the fact that they’re super stylish and incredibly warm at the same time, making them the perfect accessory for those cold walks to class.

This Fashionista has styled the perfect ensemble for our ever-changing weather here in Kansas. She’s paired a lightweight sweater with a contrasting blue printed skirt and added a little touch of fall with her gray knitted sweater socks and brown boots. She’s also added a knitted infinity scarf for a little extra warmth, another great accessory for this season.

Another alternative to achieving this same look is by simply adding a pair of leg warmers to your ensemble. They create a little less bulk and when worn under boots, you can hardly tell the difference! Most leg warmers, like sweater socks, come in various different knit sizes, as well as colors, to match your favorite fall boots.

Whether you’re lounging around the house or bundling up for class, knitted accessories are the ultimate must-haves for staying comfy, cozy and fabulous all season long!

Spotted: Charlotte Ronson incorporated sweater socks into her spring ready-to-wear collection back in 2011. She personalized the trend by bravely pairing them with sandals rather than with boots, as most people usual do.


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Once upon a fashion time, the only time black and blue could be paired together on your body was for a bruise. While bruises are still “out,” pairing black and blue could not be more chic.

There was also a time when mixing different bold prints was as big of a clash as the Trojans and the Spartans. Now, combining animal prints and geometric prints and other “mis-matching” is seen all over and is very fashionable.  

Then we move on to more of the gray area: socks and shoes. It’s like the couple that loves each other one day and fights with knives the next. In more literal terms, these are two things that can sometimes go well together and other times should absolutely be avoided.

We still cringe at the sight of socks and sandals — essentially a knee-jerk reaction. Yet, combining socks with certain types of shoes is no longer a fashion faux paux. Socks and heels have now risen from the ashes and have landed on the feet of the most stylish women. This dynamic duo has been taken up by celebrities galore including Leighton Meester, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and others. However, while certain pieces worn by celebrities of this caliber seem out of reach for us college students with limited budgets, socks and heels are not.

The Fashionista I saw walking up the Lowe Library steps on Columbia’s campus sported the look with great confidence and exuberance. Her clothing ensemble was impeccable: everything from her vintage yellow Carolina Herrera jacket, cream button-down, black shorts and school-chic Mulberry bag. Yet, what was most striking were those playful, bright blue socks under her chunky Burberry platform heels.
Her outfit is inviting and courageous from top to bottom, telling passer-bys like me that she is not afraid of fashion risk-taking. Lets walk a few steps in this Fashionista’s shoes and learn to be a little bolder. And one final benefit–your toes will thank you for the warmth!

Spotted: This trend was seen on the couture end at the Oscar de La Renta Spring 2011 runway.

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