When we go for classes, what is the most essential piece that one should have, especially in days where assignments are due where you have piles of books to carry around plus your laptop, stationeries, phone and such? The answer is a backpack.

Backpacks had been frequently taken as the uncool bag that one could have, probably due to the fact that when we were younger, backpacks werent exactly stylish. But things are different now — we are older and wiser. More importantly, backpacks have evolved and have risen above the “uncool” tag. In the recent years, it had been one of the most essential bags that one has to have for both Fashionistas and Fashionistos. And the best thing about backpacks is that it is convenient for students. The size is decent to carry a huge amount of items; you can opt for those with multiple compartments to organize your items; it does not hurt your body as much as a messenger bag does when you carry heavy items.

There are also plenty of different styles like the drawstring from The Row, the dual option from Alexander Wang and printed ones from Marc Jacobs. This Fashionisto is spotted carrying a structured square shaped backpack which he purchased from ASOS.

He carries the bag with a simple outfit. A simple printed T-shirt, a cut-off denim short and a pair of beach thongs — all very simple but cool cutting edge that can pass for a day in class to a party at the beach. The bag and his sunglasses gave the most style and cool factor his entire look as his backpack is something not seen everyday because all who buy military backpacks most likely go for the slouchy classic mili-backpack.

While choosing a backpack, you don’t necessarily have to go for these ones. Explore different options and choose what you think is comfortable to you.

Spotted: Backpacks as seen at Prada.

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