We love a good bold pop of color in an accessory. A bright shoe, a neon bag, a statement necklace. We love them all. But sometimes, having “look at me” bright accessories are not appropriate. For example, in a more formal business setting, being the intern with the neon pink pumps and teal bag is not the way you want to be remembered. But you can still be fashionable.

When dressing for a more formal occasion, such as an internship or interview, it is important to stay neutral with your accessories. Note: neutral does not mean boring. This Fashionista's carryall is a great example of how to have a neutral bag that is still exciting and noteworthy. The tan linen base is a gorgeous alternative to white or black. The pop of caramel adds some interest without taking to bag over the top. It is the perfect size to schlep your necessities, lunch, and yoga clothes.

Staying neutral in your bag also allows you to invest more money into it because you will wear it all the time. I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs classic style, as well as this one from Kate Spade.


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