After spotting this week’s Fashionista in class and bringing her outside for an impromptu photoshoot, I joked with her that we could go somewhere a bit more private if she felt awkward. She laughed, looked at me with bright eyes and replied, “Honestly, every minute of my life is awkward.” We snapped a few pictures and she went on her merry way, but it got me thinking about the “awkward” things in life: realizing your skirt has been tucked into your undergarments for three hours, waving back to someone who wasn’t waving to you, spilling water on your lap, the list goes on. In terms of fashion, however, it seems awkward moments arise when you’re underprepared, such as wearing denim to a black-tie event or wearing white to a wedding. During the fall months, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by the ever-changing weather reports and constant wardrobe options, and sometimes your biggest daily dilemma can be deciding between shorts or pants when the temperature is all over the place. That’s where tights come in: versatile and durable, stockings will be your best friend during the breezy months, replacing awkward moments with adorable ones in no time.

Anyway, back to this Fashionista. Sporting casual headphones, mid-length boots and a delicate cardigan, she’s truly embracing the perfect fall weather and showcasing a rich blend of pretty pastels and deep jewel tones. The highlight of her outfit, however, is her adaptation of a summer look in the cooler autumn weather. While shorts are generally worn during heat waves, when pools are open and ice cream is the only appealing thing for miles, this Fashionista showcases the flexibility of certain summer pieces with the addition of wintry accessories. She throws on a pair of lace tights under her mauve shorts, breaking seasonal boundaries and banishing chill in a fashion-forward way.

Aside from being practical and protecting your legs from serious frost bite, tights are fantastic because of their accessibility and adaptability. Want blue tights? Green tights? Houdstooth tights? Chances are they’re available in every color and every size, in your nearest shopping mall to your local drug store. Furthermore, tights can be worn with flats, heels or boots of all sizes and accessories galore, so erase any rumors surrounding the contrary that you may have heard. Embrace temperature shifts in the right way and invest in a few pairs of sturdy tights. Awkward? I don’t think so.

Spotted: Tights are generally seen on fall/winter runways, and were seen last season during the Akris, House of Holland and Prabal Gurung winter 2011 shows.

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