I think sometimes people definitely get the wrong idea about studs. Many people will probably think of the 80s and remember all the crazy trends that are now seen as completely tacky. But now studs are making an edgy yet chic comeback and they are literally everywhere!

When I spotted this week’s Fashionista I knew I had to snap a photo of her rocking her fierce Jeffrey Campbell studded flatforms. Not only are these shoes surprisingly comfy (this generous Fashionista even let me try them on!) but are very edgy.

They key to this trend is do not go overboard! While it is perfectly acceptable to have multiple studded items in your wardrobe, it is vital to not wear more than one studded item at once.  This Fashionista has this rule down to a T. Her outfit is simple with a plain fitted black dress and tights but adds color wearing a denim jacket.

The possibilities are absolutely endless with this trend. Of course you can rock the footwear like this Fashionista did but expand your horizon more. Maybe try out a studded bag or even a scarf if you have a more subtle style. Another great thing about this trend is that you don’t even have to shop and spend money on more items. Visit a local craft store and glue on some studs on that denim jacket that sits in the back of your closet and viola, you have completely transformed something old into the latest trend.

Spotted: Givenchy’s 2009 ready-to-wear fall show incorporated studs into the collection. Not only were there studded high heel shoes but there were full outfits covered in my new obsession, studs.

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