ACCESSORIES REPORT: Stylin like it’s the Seventies!

While some may have thought it was a tasteless era that neither produced quality music nor very great fashion, the 1970s was a whimsical time. Femininity was evidenced through bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, mini skirts, tye-dye shirts, crop-tops and floral patterns. This of course was the age of “disco” and it seemed like a “Saturday Night Fever” raged high every day of the week.

When scouring the campus for the trendiest girl, someone who really caught my eye was this Fashionista who just like Ali McGraw,, was sitting outside with flowers around her.

Coincidentally, today’s Fashionista resembles one of the era’s other most iconic muses, the beautiful blonde, Lauren Hutton. Our Fashionista was quite a sight on campus with her wide-legged blue floral pants and green collared shirt. Yet, it was her outfit as well as her fabulous accessories that really made her ensemble speak the 1970s language. Her white enamel bracelet was perfectly balanced with a green, vintage bag–previously belonging to her aunt who rocked that bag in the 70s. What also struck me was her gold eye-shadow, which nearly sang the tunes of the disco age. Moreover, whether intentional or not, her hair is also reflective of that former decade! Many women used to keep their hair natural looking, wearing their hair with either center or side parting. But wait, there’s more to her penchant for naturalism! This Fashionista proclaimed herself a true environmentalist, following in the tradition of the decade, which celebrated the first ever Earth Day, created the Environmental Protection Agency, and passed the Clean Air Act.

When we look towards the future for fashion and think about the next, “new” look, it’s funny how often times that simply means time-traveling to an earlier decade. Let it be known, recycling fashion is simply en vogue!

Spotted: The '70s style was seen on many of the runways from fall 2011 including Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Michael Kors 

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