It’s no secret that Ames, Iowa is stuck right in the middle of farmland. Upon reaching the outskirts of the town part of Ames, you reach a very rural area quite suddenly. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find this week’s Fashionista rocking an outfit with an urban spin on it.

This outfit is a perfect example of whipping together a simple outfit and making it spectacular with the use of accessories! A bright yellow, long sleeve T-shirt with skinny jeans and a vest is a great way to stay warm during the fall season. But starting with the shoes, the simplicity stops. Even though the silhouette is a basic high-top, the style combines a sneaker with a boot, keeping it lightweight, yet still warm. The raw edges on the seams creates a rough, not-so-sharp appearance.

Working up, this Fashionista combines different metals within her bracelets and rings, which gives off an industrial feeling. I found these similar bangles at Ruche. Adding even more interest to the ensemble, the necklace sticks to the suit of metals in jewelry, but it also adds in an accent color of vibrant orange, enhancing the dimension of the outfit as a whole. Next to the hoop earrings, the orange really makes its pop. And the accessory that takes the cake in this outfit is the scarf tied as a headband. It incorporates all the existing colors in the outfit while holding true to the warm colors of the vest and denim.

Headbands of this sort are not only adorable and a statement piece, but they conveniently provide a quick hair fix on the day you wake up late! It's an easy way to appear well put together, even when you’re running late. Here are a few options, one from Free People, the other from River Island.

Spotted: The Moschino Cheap and Chic fall 2012 runway show featured various headwraps, knotted at the center. Adorable!

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