Black tights are neutral, colored tights are fun and what's even more interesting are the patterned and textured ones.

The fall and winter seasons can be depressing for several reasons. Yet, what always seems to bother me most is the transition from strutting around bare-legged to having to accomodate my chilled legs. With the winter breeze viciously sweeping across New York City, we can no longer neglect our shivers and discomfort — it's that time to grab our tights! 

Although you can see this accessory as the absolute buzz kill to your fashion fun, tights can actually be the life of party. They are an easy fix and will accomplish various styling to-dos. They can be slimming when you are wearing an all-black ensemble, can pop when you are looking to spice up a boring outfit and can also give a more sophisticated appearance by bringing all the elements together.

This is a truly versatile accessory, both something you can sport during the day and night. When styling for a daytime look, I normally pair colored tights with a mini-dress and at night, go for a bolder look combining leather shorts and black patterned ones, like Taylor Momsen

When walking out of Columbia's famous, Butler Library, I spotted this Fashionista donned in a cute pair of ivory knitted tights. She wore them under a playful dress from LF and an open brown cardigan. Topping off her tights, she chose a pair of Italian leather riding boots. 

This is the time of year where we huddle around the fireplace, bond with our family and friends and get tight — with our tights.

Spotted: Funky tights were seen on the fall 2011 Libertine runway