Although we all might not all like to face the facts, we are all growing up and focusing more on our future careers. With this comes the demand to learn the basics of business casual. At first, I was terrified by the idea of business casual and imagined myself in a drab suit, but this Fashionista shows how business casual can still be fashionable and youthful. I found this Fashionista on campus attending a job fair and her outfit was perfect for the occasion.

I love the idea of a bold blazer to wear out at night but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate the style into a more professional look. This Fashionista’s tan-and-black pinstripe Nannette Lepore blazer is the perfect way to incorporate the trend into a business casual look. This blazer is not only professional, but it has a flair that will make you stand out while wearing it. A blazer like this is very versatile because it can be paired with a more casual outfit to wear outside of the workplace. This Splendid blazer could easily be paired with a skirt or dress pants to create a fab business casual outfit.

This Fashionista accessorized her outfit perfectly by keeping it simple. With a standout blazer, accessories should be minimal to keep the look from becoming too busy for a workplace. Her monogram necklace is similar to the Jennifer Zeuner necklaces, which are simple enough to wear every day.   Although maintaining a professional image is key, no one wants to look too matronly, so this Fashionista's simple black boots and gold-and-tortoise Michael Kors watch keep the outfit age appropriate.

By mixing a few unique pieces, business casual does not have to be frumpy or boring. Depending on the workplace, the formality of dress will differ but keeping accessories minimal is key. Keeping to one standout piece, like this blazer, will maintain a professional look without sacrificing style.

Spotted: Simple patterned jackets were also seen at the Prada fall 2012 runway show.

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