ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Clashing Stripes

Ever since Prada sent mismatched stripes down the runway in spring 2011, I don't think we have ever fully recovered. While Prada's concept was a bit more extreme then the mainstream Fashionista would don, variations have been flourishing across campus since last year. 

Like we always say, “Your campus is the runway.” It is where all the action is really happening so leave it today's Fashionista to interpret her version of Prada's ecletic runway show through her campus. She chose to pair a classic chunky striped sweater with a striped scarf, showcasing her knowledge of this trend but executed in a more classroom-friendly way. For those of you looking to participate in this bold trend, I recommend opting for mixing a thick stripe with a thinner one to allow the contrast in the stripes to shine through. 

Hint: If you haven't seen Prada's spring 2011 collection be sure to check it out. If you didn't love Miuccia Prada before you certainly will now. 

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