Feeling like a diva during your daily school routine is the right way to become a fashion icon on your campus. A great combination of accessories can make the difference in your look and add a touch of charm to your street style. Follow two simple rules to achieve a perfect look: 1) Choose your accessories meticulously, and 2) Take risks. The look this Fashionista decided to wear is the result of great accessories choices.

The John Lennon style sunglasses are a must-have for this season. Ray-Ban Wayfarer's has been presenting this model for years, yet their popularity still remains as strong as ever. Many celebrities like to wear this style of sunglasses, including Elton John, Madonna and of course John Lennon; they are fun, stylish and really cool.

The lace top connects this Fashionista’s look to some hippy-french-colony influences and it really rocks! It breaks down the street look of the regular jeans and gives a touch of sophistication to the whole outfit. The best lace tops of the season are available in Stella McCartney’s collection.

Nothing this Fashionista is wearing is by coincidence. The bag matches perfectly with the rest of the look. Fringes are another must have of this season; Zara proposed many elegant dresses with fringes available on its website. For a simpler look, Forever 21's spring collection has many T-shirts that follow this style.

The accessories I like the most on this Fashionista’s outfit are without a doubt her shoes. They are a combination of a Native-American art converted into a contemporary fashion pair of shoes. This is a unique accessory, but similar shoes can be found at DSW. Urban Outfitters also proposed many models of shoes that follow this Fashionista’s style.

Spotted: GUESS' spring/summer 2011 collection is the best inspirational runaway for those who love the hippy style. 

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