My look is made up of contradictions. It's feminine. It's masculine. It's well-tailored. It's loose. It's vintage. It's modern. But one word I never would describe my look as is “grunge.” For so long, grunge to me meant an REM T-shirt with holes, white washed denim, an ill fitted leather jacket, and Dr. Martens. Always Dr. Martens.

But when I came across this Fashionista, I saw the Dr. Martens showcased in a whole new light. No longer were they for the girlfriends of want-to-be skate boarders and metal band guitarists. This Fashionista made her Dr. Martens, dare I say, chic. Paired with opaque tights and socks, the black-on-black-on-black accentuated her legs. I love that she left the top third unlaced. This extra detail made this footwear, which has been around for over 50 years, fresh and cool. I not only admired this Fashionista's ability to make these utilitarian boots feminine, I envied her.

When shopping for winter footwear, don't be judgmental. Try taking a pair of boots that may seem out of your comfort zone and transforming them to fit your look. The result can give you a new outlook on style. 

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