The best accessories are those that have multiple purposes. Scarves are great because they can pull a plain t-shirt and jeans together while keeping you warm when the weather gets cold. I was eyeing this Fashionista’s scarf in class, and was even more inspired to photograph her after she told me she made it herself! It felt so warm comfortable, and the colors were beautiful. She told me that it only took her a day to make! This Fashionista has turned her talent for creating these very practical and trendy scarvesinto quite the hobby. You can find some of her work on her Etsy account. 

Eternity scarves such as the one this Fashionista is sporting are an awesome returning trend this season. One of my favorite places when looking for scarves such as these is Urban Outfitters. They are continuously coming out with new colors, patterns and styles, all for a very reasonable price. A department store such as Nordstrom is also a great place to look for basic outerwear accessories like scarves, and even hats and gloves to match. 

While keeping warm this fall and winter, the perfect way to keep your outerwear fresh is to switch it up with different scarves. Whether you have the skill to knit one yourself or just found one at your favorite store, it’s a fun item to create a collection with!

Spotted: Scarves as accesories on Alexis Mabille's fall 2011 runway.

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