While New Yorkers lament putting their turquoise and coral summer jewelry into hibernation until next summer, their saving grace is the fashion “heat wave” that sweeps over the city in the fall – leaving people stylishly reinvigorated, and not sweaty. This fervor promulgated by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – le soleil of NYC fashion, can be felt on nearly every street in the city.

Today’s Fashionista exemplifies the way accessories serve to enhance an outfit, in this instance gold is her accent color of choice.  Donned in a draw-string, silk chiffon Theory dress with an H&M black blazer, this stylish New Yorker amps up her look with a vintage tassel costume necklace and a gold statement cocktail knuckle-ring with black stones. To top off her look, she tastefully adds a few more accessories including a magenta handbag and a gold, enamel bracelet.

As the price of gold sky rockets, nearly reaching that “Mr. Golden Sun,” us CollegeFashionistas should know that glam does not have to come at too high of a cost. As the saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold.” So, look around those vintage boutiques for that one killer piece that makes a statement, but is not going to cause your mom to make an even bigger statement when she looks at your credit card bill.

Spotted: Gold accents were seen at Alice + Oliva's fall 2011 runway show. 

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