Coats are must-have for winter, without any doubt. If you want to avoid the puffy-effect that other jackets make, you definitely have to wear a coat. This Fashionisto is wearing a cool example of a casual-elegant winter coat that is perfect for this season. Guys usually do not play with colors as girls, but this dark-gray coat it is perfect and it matches with the rest of the simple-sophisticated look.

Men's coats have always been a trend especially for young people. Forget about the long-wool coats that we see on old business men and think about it like a fashionable jacket to wear everyday. It is cool, warm and trendy.

Calvin Klein releases every fall/winter seasons men's coats that are very similar to the one this Fashionisto is wearing. It is perfect to wear at school and it is perfect for going out at night. Some of the best trendy coats for young men are available at Diesel. This brand always adds a young-chic touch to every coat, so that they never look ordinary and boring. For classics, check out Giorgio Armani coats and get a lifetime investment. An alternative store where to get trendy coats is Zara, available also for online shoppers. For those who like the British-gentleman’s look, Burberry is the right place where to shop. The square design is a classic and it suddenly gives a touch of elegance to every outfit.

Spotted: Dolce&Gabbana presented its amazing coat line in the past fall/winter 2012 collection. They were very particular, detailed and absolutely amazing.

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