This month is filled with dark and cloudy, windy and rainy days and, of course, this day is no exception. I commend my fellow Fashionista/os for getting up every day and still having the initiative to put effort into their outfits; you truly motivate me to climb out of my lazy fashion ruts.

While heading out of class I was greeted by rain and crossed paths with this Fashionista. Fitted in a casual look, I felt that she put together something that was basic yet trendy at the same time. This just shows how putting in a bit of work definitely pays off. She combines staple gray knitted tights, the classic ankle lace-ups and a bold scarf with a pair of distressed shorts. These are all pretty simple pieces that can be found in almost every closet. If you don’t own any of these, I highly recommend investing! These are items that have been in style for quite some time and I honestly don’t see them going anywhere on college campuses.

These tights are great for the fall, winter and spring — so stock up for all of the seasons. Try footed or footless, and if you’re looking for something with more texture, check out these tights from Lauren by Ralph Lauren or these cozy, cream ones from American Eagle.

Spotted: This Fashionista’s look reminds me so much of Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2007 collection. His collection uses gray tights throughout and gives them a bit more sophistication. For a look less casual, let Mr. Hilfiger be your muse.

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