ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Plaid that Keeps on Giving

Ah, the spring semester is finally here. Though I’ll miss the holidays, this new season has given me more than one reason to be on my toes! With that being said, it feels good to be back on campus. I have to admit I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be ready for the new semester. However, as I’m walking around the campus, my excitement rises just thinking about what 2012 has in store – great weather, beautiful scenery and of course, fashion.

Now, I’m the kind of Fashionista that loves a simple, yet bold statement. A statement that seems to have already slipped from the runways and onto my campus is the mighty plaid. This trend is like a gift that keeps on giving, when you consider all the ways it can be worn. Amongst the people who are slowly but surely trickling back onto campus from the holiday break, I noticed this laid back Fashionisto. Wrapped around his mid-length wool coat is an on trend scarf that easily makes his outfit go from simple to statement. How effortless! I think that’s what I love most about this ensemble. I’d say he’s embracing both the ending of one season and the beginning of a new – in style. On top of that, the shade of blue is vivid. He kept the tone of the outfit going by pairing his scarf and coat with Vans Rata Vulc Black & White Hemp shoes. I think I’m ready to experiment to see how I can pull this trend off.

There are many ways to make your wardrobe pop with plaid, such as adding a small dose, like this Fashionisto did with his scarf. Or, opt for the ladder this spring in plaid shorts, shoes or a button-down shirt. For those that are a little scared to try this trend, I understand. It’s a given that personal style is all about setting your own trends and making the best of what works for you. But dare we not be shy to step beyond the comfort zone of things we’ve always tried. You never know how it may work out.

Spotted: Louis Vuitton’s spring 2012 Menswear Collection shows a few examples of the vivid statement.

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