WEEKEND FORECAST: The Power of Sunglasses

It can be 105 or -5 degrees, it doesn’t matter- I am always sporting sunglasses. Maybe my eyes are sensitive to the sun or maybe I’m channeling Anna Wintour, but I can never leave home without my sunnies. My black oversized cat eye sunglasses become part of my signature look.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was first drawn to her sunglasses. Big, red, and vintage- how rad? I feel like a person’s choices when it comes to accessories often says a lot about them and this Fashionista is no different. Her entire look screams fun. From her Rosie the Riveter-esq headband to her super long necklace, her outfit seems well thought out while still being playful.

This week, play with your favorite accessories. Whether it be a fun colored hat or a wrist full of bangles, let the world know who you are through your fashion choices.

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