Music has always been an inspiration for those Fashionistas who like to rock. No matter what idol is represented on it, the rock T-shirt must be present in every closet. From the popular stars of the ‘60s to more contemporary bands, every rock T-shirt is an expression of liberty and youth. You should avoid pop idols if you do not want to look too much like a teenager, and you should not wear a Justin Bieber T-shirt if you want to give credibility to your rock style outfit.

This Fashionisto was wearing a casual look with a very cool Ramones T-shirt. The group was very popular in the ‘70s and it is considered the first punk-rock band. This look is very simple and casual, but some details are very well combined like the colors of the pants and the T-shirt.

The best way to buy a unique rock T-shirt is obviously after a concert. Usually the store is inside or outside the place where the concert takes place. Buying your rock T-shirt there gives you the guarantee that it is 100 percent original. However, some of the most trendy rock T-shirts of this season are available at H&M; check out the Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson tops. Old Navy also proposed many T-shirts inspired to rock groups like The Beatles. Music stars websites are also a good source of rock T-shirts. Don’t miss Madonna’s store online. Some amazing vintage rock T-shirts can be found online and at vintage markets.

Spotted: Max Azria fall 2012 collection is a chic inspiration for those Fashionistas who want to be cool with an elegant-rockstar style. 

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