Every single woman on the planet would like to have Mary Poppins’ bag. That’s the kind of bag where you can fit your make-up, scarf, perfume, mirror, wallet, gums, brush, lip stick, deodorant, candies and still have space available. That bag that doesn’t get heavy and can be easily held. But unfortunately, this is a dream that will never come true, so it is better to concentrate our energy and try to find fashionable ideas that match with the necessity of carrying a lot of items with us every day.

This Fashionista caught my attention because she was holding two bags. One is a lovely leather bag that reminded me of Louis Vuitton handbags. The other is a self-made bag that she told me she did by herself. This secondary bag is very light and it is perfect to carry books, a laptop or school material. It is a simple accessory that matches with every kind of outfit, and her choice to use a white texture is an excellent idea, since white matches with any color. The inside has a flowers design that gives the bag a romantic-girl look.

I see many girls carrying two bags and I am often one of those. It is very useful because you can leave one in the classroom during the coffee breaks.

For those Fashionistas who do not want to use maxi-bags, like the super chic Chanel maxi-bag, they can opt for the two bags combination. The most popular secondary bag in the world was the famous “I’m not a plastic bag” that drove people crazy in 2007. A variety of cotton bags are available now at Roxy.

Spotted: Italian designer 1° Classe Alviero Martini presented many bags at Milan Fashion Week 2010/11 that are perfect for Fashionistas who love the traveller style.

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