There is nothing more comfortable than a hoody to face school days in this season. The weather can turn very easily from super warm to extremely cold, so bringing a hoody with you can turn into a very smart idea. This Fashionisto’s look is exactly like the ones of many other students. However, in this case, his casual outfit really works well and matches with the other elements of his ensemble; he represents an example of a street-school style.

We can find nice hoodies for men everywhere, but some of the nicest ones for this season are available at Calvin Klein. For trendy and chic jumpers, the best place to go is Diesel. For those Fashionistos who like the basic style, H&M offers simple hoodies in different colors all year around. Another nice option for guys is the Hooded Jacket, which comes in an array of colors.

Differently from boys, many Fashionistas like to play with fluo hoodies. You can find some of the nicest one at BSB. Another store that has hoodies every season is American Apparel. The most-wanted and common hoodies for girls, however, are the ones from the Victoria Secret Pink collection. Every Fashionista must have at least one in her wardrobe. My personal favorite is the Lightweight Pullover Hoodie. Similarly Abercrombie & Fitch fashionable and trendy hoodies; their new collection is sporty, yet sophisticated.

Spotted: If you want a fresh, young style to match with your hoody, you can get inspiration from Juicy Couture's spring/summer 2012 collection.

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