The end of January is always a flurry of schizophrenic weather: the sun can be warm and inviting in the morning but come three o’clock and it’s hidden behind thick, ominous clouds.

The weather did not affect this Fashionista much. She was comfortably warm in her basic leggings and black leather boots,  But what especially caught my eye was her contrast of an intricately-stitched, vintage “grandma” sweater and her pricey accessories: a Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set Watch and a Juicy Couture charm necklace. Now neither Michael nor Juicy is particularly kind to a college budget but this Fashionista was keen on admitting she only “invests” in key pieces that she knows will transcend the seasons. She was all too happy to share that her vintage sweater was only $5, a treasure found hidden sifting through a second-hand store!

The accessories themselves serve as a quirky contrast to one another. She delicately rocks a sophisticated and sleek time-teller on her wrist and a youthful and fun necklace around her neck. Yet, it works!

It’s especially important to have fun with what you’re wearing and mix up styles and shapes especially with accessories. Wearing Juicy Couture from head to toe will make you look a little ridiculous, no offense to Juicy loyalists; so wearing this mix of high-end and low-end adorable “vintage” is a total must.

Spotted: This Fashionista channeled the upcoming spring trends, like the “ladylike” accessories seen in the Ralph Lauren spring 2012 collection and the wrist candy portion from Marni and Fendi runways.

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