ACCESSORIES REPORT: Tough As Gold, Sunny As Flowers

“The kiss of death, from Mr. Goldfinger” oozes out of the sultry singer’s mouth from the theme song of the famous James Bond movie. James Bond was smooth against the enemy, Goldfinger, but ultimately, Mr. Bond always wins in the end. However, isn’t it okay to be the tough, powerful guy every once in the while? Don’t we always want to be a little bit like Rihanna rather than Baby from Dirty Dancing? What if we could find a balance between the two? Who says that these two can’t meet and have a love child? Well then, I present the compromise. 

I spotted this Fashionista on the last week of classes, enjoying our warm temperatures in D.C. and braving the dreaded humidity. She starts off with a Free People sundress with flowers, which is a feminine piece. She also wears gold accessories and Steve Madden sandals. These drastic, tough accessories balance out her sweet dress and reach a happy medium. Therefore, this Fashionista stands out from the sea of sundresses all while pulling off a very cool vibe.

Accessories can totally change a vibe of an outfit. There are many ways to make a feminine outfit tough or vice versa. Bows are sweet enough to make a monochromatic black outfit seem prettier. Sharp, drastic cocktail rings give a dark edge to any light outfit. Wayfarers can give a hipster, cool feeling to any outfit. Finally, a gold bracelet watch changes the tone of any outfit — whether it be sweet, tough, hipster or simple. Whatever your combination is, make sure to rock it proudly.

Spotted: Gold Accessories changing up outfits on Elie Tahari's spring 2012 Runway.

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