A bout of sudden showers blew through Happy Valley and just as it started to let-up, this Fashionista rounded the corner. Just as the sun was breaking through the storm so it would seem was this Fashionista. She breezed through with effortless inspiration, tossing the heavy gear aside and donning some cool threads.

Rather than get weighed down with a pair of chunky rain boots, this Fashionista keeps a pair of black leather combats as her staple for wet weather. They’re a great alternative to rain boots that can get clunky and heavy over the day, especially when it stops raining; then they’re just a hassle. And when the air gets humid, this Fashionista swears by beanies. She has a couple that she likes to choose from for those bad hair days, so she can just throw on a beanie and be done for the day. Not only do they offer great cover but they also give off that cool, grunge vibe. Beanies can help tone any outfit to make it more down-to-earth.

And speaking of tone; now pay attention, I’m about to make a new phrase and its going to be fabulous: tribal jewels. One of the first things we notice is color and in this case, it was a set of bright jewel tones. The beanie matched perfectly with her raglan top and together their turquoise color was an instant knock-out. Once you get a better look at her shirt, you also noticed the geometric designs and tribal print on it. This pairing of jewel tones with tribal print is a kep mix for any season, rain or shine, and it can work with any piece too. Take a closer look at this Fashionista's actual jewels, her earrings: tribal jewels. The jewel tones really shine and stand out from other colors while tribal prints add a wild allure to any ensemble.

Spotted: BCBG spring 2012 runway featured a variety of angles in flashy jewel tones and tribal prints.


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