It’s easy, over years of trying to pair clothes together, to stereotype your clothes into limited categories and to continue buying clothes to fit those categories. We all love cardigans, but we tend to sort them into strictly long sleeve winter and three-quarter sleeve summer pieces, allowing no room for other unique styles. This Fashionista has found a great in-between, cardigan-style garment that works great for in-between weather conditions.

This unique accessory combines two elements from each of your weather categories: long sleeves from winter and a light, breathable fabric more often found on summer garments. These two aspects combined create an awesome garment unlike anything else in your wardrobe and is perfect for those ambiguous days between winter and summer.

Color is another important element in a cardigan, and this Fashionista has picked one in a fabulous hue. The dusty pink color is muted enough to pair well with a variety of other colors while still being more exciting than your basic gray or tan.

The most exciting thing about this cardigan is, however, the cut and closures. A cardigan of the more preppy variety will have buttons all the way from the top to the bottom while a more hip, relaxed number will usually only have buttons three quarters of the way up. The cardigan sported by this Fashionista has front closures entirely different: ties with tassels on the end that can easily be manipulated into bows or knots. The cut is also more relaxed and loose, perfect for breezy summer days while still being loose enough to accommodate layers in the winter.

This Fashionista has done a great job of integrating this wonderful accessory with the rest of her outfit, dressing it up for a winter day. The chunky knit scarf adds warmth while the boots add style, while the jeans and white tank are standard but classic.

Cardigans like this aren’t easy to find, this Fashionista snagged hers at a thrift store, but Nordstrom does offer a breezy, white, tie front cardigan that adds some variety to any wardrobe.

Spotted: Fendi utilizes a tie feature in a blouse to add extra pizzaz to a simple row of buttons.

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