ACCESSORIES REPORT: Vests Aren’t Just for Grandmas!

D.C. is not as cold as New Jersey, where I am from, but nevertheless, the chill still gets to us. Keeping warm without looking like the Michelin man is the task everyone has to deal with. It’s always a struggle, debating whether the silk shirt is worth freezing for, or if you should just give in and put on a sweater. One of the best ways to keep warm and still look cute is to incorporate a vest into your winter look.

I spotted this Fashionisto on his way back from class, on one of the coldest days in D.C. He chose a Ralph Lauren Flannel with heavy lining and J. Crew corduroys, prepping for the cold in a flattering way. In addition, he wears a rabbit fox fur hat along with leather shoes for a hipster, trendy look. Finally, he adds a deep wine colored Brooks Brothers vest to complete the look and prepare for the cold. The vest, in lieu of an oversized winter jacket, is the perfect way to stay warm without gaining ten pounds.

Vests are the cute and trendy way to stay warm. For the guys, there is always the classic Ralph Lauren RLX vest in bright colors. For those who want the traditional, old school vest, there is always the classic North Face vest. For the true Fashionista, the faux fur vest, my favorite, is a great alternative to bulky outerwear. This Urban Outfitters vest can be worn inside or outside, and is cute enough to pull out day or night. Finally, for those who want something out there, there is this R.E.I vest in a bright neon green. It would be good for night-time jogging!

Spotted: Fendi used many different kinds of outerwear and vests, including fur vests, in the fall 2011 Milan runway show.

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