What is one thing that is both alluring but extremely hard to find? A stylish piece of vintage jewelry! Luckily, this Fashionista has got that covered plus she has the shoes to match. On my lunch break from work, I did not expect to find many people dressed up because most people worked at the hospital nearby. However, I could not help but notice this Fashionista lounging around in her fabulous ensemble in front of a popular food truck.

I fell in love with her entire outfit, the necklace to the shoes and everything in between. The neutral color scheme gives off a classy, timeless look that is also very comfortable. My eyes went first to her charming, pearl-like necklace and then immediately to her cute, cutout flats. They went perfectly with each other, being of the same color and style. The white beaded necklace was indeed vintage and was acquired during a trip to the Bahamas. This key statement jewelry adds even more femininity to the simple, rose-patterned cardigan and goes well with the pink and white striped tank underneath.

Moreover, I find that her shoes are to die for! The cutouts and straps give the flat an instant touch of flair and uniqueness. These flats are versatile and can be worn with cropped ankle pants, flowing skirts, or summer dresses. Flirty flats are definitely in this season and are the best alternatives to wedges, which might be too flashy, or flip-flops, which might be too ordinary. Both the flats and the necklace draw attention to different areas of the body and together they frame the entire outfit, providing a white border to a classic, charismatic look.

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