Many people hate winter because they have to put on heavy clothes and they cannot wear nice outfits. But some Fashionista's would disagree with them and take the cold season as an occasion to show new accessories and particular details of their winter wardrobe.

This Fashionista challenged Chicago’s cold weather with a fancy, cute accessory that gives a touch of preciousness to her street look. Her black hat is decorated with a flower that is absolutely cute.

Hats are necessities in the winter season, especially when you live in a cold city like Chicago. The good thing about hats is that you can combine them with pretty much every outfit and you can decide to match them with your coat. Urban Outfitters' hat collection is full of amazing pieces perfect for a street style. If you want to stay warm, you better chose a hat made with 100 percent wool. If cold does not scare you and you want to anticipate the spring season, you can play with trendy fedoras like Kate Moss; fedora hats are the perfect option for a day-to-night look.

Even if keeping a hat on inside was not considered polite in the past, according to the bon ton nowadays people appear to not care too much about the rules of etiquette. If you are at a park or in a bar, you can keep your hat on and be fabulous. Michael Kors hats are perfect for a casual, chic look and for those Fashionista's who want to keep their hat on 24/7.

Spotted: An inspirational hat collection from the past was J. Smith Esq at London Fashion Week's spring/summer 2009 collection. 

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