ACCESSORIES REPORT: Warmer Weather Brings Out Sassy Stockings

Where have all these fashionable people on Temple University’s campus been hiding? The answer is in their sweatshirts and boots! As spring approaches, the weather becomes warmer and the vibe on campus is shifting from dreary to cheerful. Everyone is putting their sweatpants to rest and letting their true style shine through.

This Fashionista strolled passed me with a confident swagger as she made her way to class. She was slurping down her Starbucks for energy because she just left work and had to be on campus for class. As a former Urban Outfitters sales associate, I immediately felt a connection with her when she revealed she works at the Urban Outfitters in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. After discovering she was a part of the “urban family”, I began to take a closer look at her outfit because the company tries to hire people with unique style sense.

This Fashionista wore a mustard, oversized, knit cardigan; a sleeveless, white, sheer, collared shirt; a funky, silver necklace; some flirty stockings; black shorts and black platform boots. She carried a fun oversized gray bag with the brown straps which was perfect for throwing your books in for class.

The key accessory was her sassy stockings! I remember when I was a kid I use to watch my mother and grandma throw on some stockings and became infuriated when they made me wear them. Now that I’m older I see that stockings can add sexy appeal and swagger to your outfit. Today stockings come in a wide array of styles and have gained popularity.

Stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are known for their flirty, distinctive stockings for cheap prices. The weather may be getting warmer but there’s still a chilly breeze in the air. In the meantime go out and buy some stockings to keep those legs warm!

Spotted: Fun stockings have been seen in Betsey Johnson's fall 2011 runway collection.

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