ACCESSORIES REPORT: What The Titanic Taught Me

Parental controls worked a bit differently back in the day. In my household, the way my parents censored our television viewing was by having us physically cover our eyes with our hands if something inappropriate came on the screen, promptly sparking giggles and peeking-attempts from my sister and I in order to catch a glance at whatever was going on. In retrospect, the most tragic of all censoring came during Titanic, which was the only form of entertainment during our 1997 cross-Atlantic flight to Amsterdam. Jack was just about to paint Rose when we were instructed to cover our eyes, so we followed orders and sat patiently until given the green light to resume watching. To be honest, I thought nothing of what I had missed that fateful day until years later, when I was watching the film with my friends in a dimly-lit basement. I was totally unfazed by the scene itself, but was instantly drawn to the necklace around Rose’s neck, a blue diamond that stood out atop her bare, porcelain skin. The “Heart of the Ocean” necklace, a piece fashioned from a blue diamond worn by Louis XIV, is the center of the film’s plot and easily the most stand-out piece of the blockbuster mega-hit. How important, then, are necklaces? Can a lavish neck piece really have heads turning and minds remembering? The answer, I say, is yes.

Today’s Fashionista was hurrying to class when I caught up with her to examine her outfit. She pairs a black leather jacket, a lace top and patent ballerina flats to prove that black is back, and leaves her hair wavy and sweet for effortless sophistication. The piece du resistance, however, is her vintage necklace which flows with gold and jade and completely holds its own amongst her monochromatic ensemble. While she promised me that “less is more” is normally her ultimate fashion mantra, this statement piece needs no justification. It spruces up a darker look in a cinch, adding a playful punch and retro feel that would otherwise be missing.

A glamorous necklace is the classic example of a now-or-later piece : perfect for a dreary day of classes and an afternoon ice cream date, or dolled up at night with a little black dress. Don’t be afraid to add other necklaces to the bunch or experiment with different metals; the more elaborate and intricate, the better.

Spotted: Eye-catching necklaces were seen complimenting looks at the Lanvin and Moschino spring 2012 RTW shows.

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