We all know that white after Labor Day is a definite no-no, but no one has mentioned anything about wearing a bold white purse. Usually people do not go for bright colors in the fall, but this year we have been seeing that change on the runways. Luca Luca’s fall 2011 runway was filled with bright colors for this upcoming season so don’t get rid of your spring and summer wardrobe yet.

This Fashionista was spotted walking around Oregon’s campus. The days are still warmer so this Fashionista is enjoying the sun before fall kicks in. Her bright white purse can be seen all round around campus. Stand out with a white or bold colored purse this fall — it will complete your look and add some personal flare to the usual fall colors.  This Fashionista found her bright white purse at Volcom. The beachy stores always have bright colors in stock so if you cannot find the bright color you want, or a bright white, try BeachWorks, Billabong or Roxy.

No matter the season, bangles will always find their way in the top trends. This Fashionista has a variety of bangles. They range from vintage bangles passed down by her grandmother to ones she got in Morocco. Bangles add a great bohemian touch to any outfit and can put together your final outfit. Forever 21 has a great assortment of bangles and bracelets and for unbeatable prices as well.

Brighten up your fall by adding a bright accent purse, jewelry or even shoes. Create your new fall look that can carry on to the following seasons.  Reminisce on those summery days by brightening up those gloomy days.

Spotted: Isabel Marant and and Stella McCartney did not give in to the no white policy for this year's fall runway shows.

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