ACCESSORIES REPORT: Widening the Horizon

With spring on the loom, most people start to bring out the traditional spring time garb — loose dresses, cute skirts and opening up our button-downs as jackets. However, as much we do not miss the winter weather, many of us do miss the bundled, layered fit that winter clothes have. Especially when it’s that in between time where it’s not quite warm enough for spring but you’re definitely finished with the parka. How do we dress appropriately for this odd season?

I spotted this Fashionista on a warm day here in D.C., showing off her winter to spring look. With a dress by Francesca, boots from Nordstrom, and an oxford shirt from Madewell, this Fashionista is embracing the warm temperatures while still keeping winter practicality. When she adds a wide belt, also from Nordstrom, she gives herself an hourglass figure while still adding that layering effect.

If you’re not ready to break out the maxi dress yet in fear of the wind blowing, there are many ways to add bundle and layers to your outfit. Adding a chambray shirt over a tee is warm and cozy while still being protected from the cold. A gold belt added to a long skirt or dress keeps it close to your body without a wind gust giving you the chills. A leather jacket added to dark jeans and cute flats is the perfect jacket: not too light, not too heavy. The key is to find balance — so no jean shorts, but don’t schlep your winter hat out either.

Spotted: Oscar de la Renta and Tommy Hilfiger were among many designers to use wide belts for layering effects in their spring 2011 runway shows.

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