There has been no shortage of oxford wearing in the States. From flat oxfords like these worn by a Vanderbilt University Fashionista to closed toe oxford heel at University of Conneticut, our Fashioinistas jumped on the oxford train a while back. 

This Brazillian Fashionista brought this mascueline inspired trend to south of the equator by incorporating the juxaposition of menswear with a feminine ensemble. Showing the perfect amount of skin with her mini pleated skirt, she further elogonated her legs with a peep toe pair of oxford shoes

Take note from this Brazillian beauty and amp up your classroom look come Monday. Throw on a pair with little heel for an extra boost of confidence and sexiness. 

Spotted: Alexander Wang pushed the boundaries in his fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection with metallic heel oxfords. Every retailer is taking inspiration from Wang's statement heel that season. We are still seeing this trend in budget friendly stores. Great work Wang! 


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