For those who still obsess over quality '90s shows and woke up just an hour early before school to witness the ensuing love triangles on Saved by the Bell, you have been vindicated: probably more important than the reunion of the cast of Saved by the Bell is the current trend that is lurking in our fashion strastosphere. The '90s are back and bigger than ever! Though this news might be already apparent to fashion lovers who cling to the past decade of their youth, for others, a formulaic dissection of what makes a '90s fashion look is presented by the Fashionisto of the day.

As I was sauntering along the campus town of the University of Illinois, I could not help but to notice a dynamic image glistening in the sunset. The glistening image was the famous Nike sign plastered on a colorful windbreaker that absolutely screamed '90s! Upon approaching this Fashionisto, further elements were highlighted that composed a standard, fun '90s ensemble. There was the slim black levis worn by this Fashinisto paired with a pair of Nike Dunks to complement the windbreaker. Perhaps even more jovial and interesting than the clothes adorned by this Fashionisto was the one-of-a kind accessory which garnished the ensemble. The piece that stood out the most was a lion head necklace tied together with colorful strings. The Fashionisto stated that this piece was purchased from an African jewerly store in the Chicago nerighborhood of Hyde Park. The lion necklace was paired with a simple gold chain, which was puurchased from Le shoppe Vintage Boutique in downtown Champaign, IL. The vintage Gitano watch was also purchased from the illustrious Champaign Boutique. 

The dissection of the components of a immaculate '90s ensemble has reached its conclusion but it is indeed the beginning of Inspiration. The key piece in the dissection of accessories is the charming lion's head necklace. To cope one similar to this Fashionisto's visit Ruby Lane and Etsy, both sites feature amazing rare crafted lion's head pieces.

Spotted: Loden Dagers spring 2012 was full of nostalgia and gave a nod to many inspirations, including the lovable '90s.

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