STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessorize with Gold

Attention all Fashionista’s looking to amp up your wardrobe: it is time to start gold digging! Dig for shelved gold by going through your drawers, jewelry boxes, and shoe boxes.
Incorporating gold into your ensemble is a great way to make any outfit sparkle. The versatility of gold allows people of any demographic to add gold to their look while maintaining a sense of natural elegance.

This Fashionista knows just how to pair her golden accessories with the rest of her flattering outfit. She accessorizes with gold earrings which tie into her lovely, golden, flower bracelet. She also wears golden sandals that highlight her pedicured toes!

Digging for gold is a smart technique for Fashionista’s on a budget, because you can utilize what you already have, but may have forgotten about. However, if your search for gold in your home has left you empty handed, you can find many ways to integrate gold into your wardrobe by clicking here.

It is exciting to see that gold is making quite a comeback around college campuses nationwide. By adding gold accessories to her look, this collegiate Fashionista polished her distinctive summer wardrobe into a fun and flirty outfit perfect for attending class in style.

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