TREND: Accessorize with Purpose

We are still anticipating the fall weather to hit Colorado, and in mid-October it is unusual that we are still experiencing this atypical warm weather. However, fall weather is slowly, but surely creeping up on us and it is best we stay prepared for that “flip of the switch” cool weather front we all know is right around the corner. These have been rough days for Fashionista/os because we find ourselves stuck between summer attire and fall attire, not knowing what the day will bring us. Listening to the weather report does not do any good because most of the time, the meteorologists cannot predict a sudden change of plans from Mother Nature. The best way to avoid this predicament is to co-mingle your seasonal attire to create an overall climate conscious and classy outfit.

To accomplish this look, start by finding one of your favorite summer pieces. For example, this Fashionista chose a simple black dress. Dresses are an essential summer item that can be difficult to let go of for the 7 or 8 months of crisp, Colorado winter conditions. By adding a cropped cardigan sweater like this Fashionista, she adds a light layer to prepare for the cold morning winds, but she maintains the option to stay comfortable during warmer afternoons.

Next step: Accessories! This Fashionista opted for the beret hat which is one of fall’s single best accessories. Berets are classy and embrace a flirty, yet scholarly appeal. She tossed the typical college backpack and chose to accessorize with a light weight, earth-toned shoulder bag to tote around her school books. This was a brilliant choice! Lastly, nothing says summer like golden flats! Flats are the perfect accessory for the Fashionista who wants to stay comfortable and remain stylish while walking from class to class. She also chooses to stay with her theme of gold by accessorizing with golden jewelry.

Hint: Accessories are not only meant to be chic, but don’t forget they have a purpose. Be mindful of accessories that will not only look glamorous, but offer comfort to get through strenuous and often demanding college days.

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