Accessorizing with Metals

Florals, pastels, bold prints, and other colorful options always make their way into spring and summer fashion. While I love a good floral sundress on a hot summer day as much as the next girl, my everyday outfits are much more neutral. Maybe it’s the gray Wisconsin winters that inspire me, or simply a preference for minimal and monochrome (all-black outfits? Guilty!).  Either way, if you’re like me, then opt for a cool alternative to summer frills and flowers: metals.

The metal look is great because it works like any other neutral and can be mixed and paired effortlessly. I paired a basic gray tee and black pants with metal-heavy accessories like my zippered bag and chain choker. The cool metal tone and sheen add a dimension of texture and luster. For added shine, I used a shimmery eyeshadow. These metal accents provide a little glam while remaining true to my neutral palette.

To incorporate some hardware into your wardrobe, look for jewelry sets and statement pieces. By letting your shining accessories be the focus, you don’t have to worry about your neutral outfit feeling flat. Layered chains, dangly earrings, and chunky bracelets are the way to go. Don’t stop at jewelry: Wire rimmed sunglasses, studded jackets, and flashy phone cases are also great ways to keep shining.

There are also tons of metals out there to mix up your look. I recommend getting a variety so you are prepared for any outfit and any mood. Gold is classic and adds luxury to a look. Rose gold is popular and a good choice for a sweet, modern look. Coppers and bronzes are perfect for summer with their warm hues. Silvers, nickel, and stainless steel read as cold and tough and are my personal favorite.

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I am a Textile and Fashion Design major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with plans to graduate in December 2017. I am pursuing a career which will allow me to think critically and creatively about the world around us. Particularly, I am interested in being a part of a design team, styling, or illustrating. I am inspired by those that push limits and think imaginatively like Rihanna, Rei Kawakubo, and Yohji Yamamoto. I also love sports, music, coffee, and painting and love to incorporate aspects of these in my work.

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