The hardest part of living in the mountains is definitely dressing for the weather. While most people settle for layering T-shirts and leggings and rocking big puffy jackets when it gets cold, this Fashionista decided to stand out and make winters cute again. The lower the temperature, the warmer the clothes, and that should not mean less stylish.

This Fashionista wore a gray, fuzzy sweater with a high neckline that is perfect for keeping your chest warm when facing the cold winds and paired it with ripped, black jeans. Now, with the cold winds, you might think it’s crazy to wear jeans with rips in them rather than layering some leggings. However, in order to keep her legs warm with the rips in her jeans, she wore nude tights underneath (awesome hack)!

For extra cold weather, this Fashionista likes to rock her red jacket which makes her stand out no matter the crowd. To bring her look from a more casual and laid-back look to a more dressed up one, this Fashionista wore her everyday hoop earrings and layered black and gray long beaded necklacesĀ if she decides to go out somewhere after class!

So, get rid of the T-shirt and leggings and grab that cute sweater and statement jacket! This Fashionista proved to me that no matter the weather, you can always dress stylish. Any sweater or top can be dressed up with accessories and you can never go wrong matching any outfit with a pair of cute booties, like the brown ones this Fashionista is rocking!

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