ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chanel and Gucci

I found this fabulous Fashionista walking out of the main building on campus as I was walking in to go to the cafe for some lunch. I spotted her incredible Gucci handbag and her lavish Chanel booties. She paired the two items with her favorite pair of GRLFRND Denim, which are boyfriend style, and cuffed them at the bottom giving her enough room to show off her famous shoes. She is also wearing a super cute cream, velvet tank top, and a navy neck scarf. The last item that this Fashionista slipped into was her black teddy coat, which has been an incredible trend this season.

The details in this look are stunning. Her teddy coat has a small collar, and every piece of fabric is feathered on the outside. It is subtle enough to where the style doesn’t take too much away from the rest of her outfit, but extravagant enough to not be ignored. The neck scarf she is modeling has a beautiful white design splashed on certain sections of the fabric, adding just hint of elegance. Her chosen velvet shirt and jeans are perfect for this outfit, especially in this cold weather. Her Chanel ankle boots are half black and half cream colored, and there is the small, but anticipated, Chanel symbol placed in gold at the edge of her heal. The last item on this Fashionista’s checklist is her Gucci handbag. It has a silver chain for holding onto, or sliding over her shoulder, an alligator print, and two red interlocking snakes at the snap.

All these colors and important little details work perfectly together, and would be perfect for a day out in the city, or certainly walking into a new class. This outfit is a great statement look for any college campus.

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