ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressing for Comfort

Finals week: it’s the week where everyone is inside trying to prepare for their upcoming final exams. The line at Starbucks is long, all the good studying spots in the library are taken, and everyone is getting up early and sleeping late. The fact that most of us aren’t putting on our best clothes is understandable; we’re just too busy and too tired. By this time of the quarter, we just want to be comfortable. However, this Fashionista was able to make her outfit cute without taking away the comfort.

The outfit includes three major details: the graphic on her sweater, bandana hair piece, and the shoes.

This Fashionista incorporates a nice, oversize sweater to stay comfortable during the final weeks of school. However, while this sweater seems pretty simple, the eagle in the middle of the sweater makes it stand out. Because she found this sweater at a thrift store, it is one of a kind. Here’s an oversize sweatshirt featuring some graphics and just a regular oversize sweater; either look will be perfect for studying.

My favorite part of the outfit is the blue bandana used as a headband. This Fashionista told me that she recently cut her bangs and in order to get them out of the way when she studied, she used the bandana to hold them back. I thought it added a nice look to her overall outfit. I definitely appreciated her shoe choice—as we enter the end of the quarter, most of us are tired of walking around wearing uncomfortable shoes. Not only are these moccasins cute, they are perfect for walking to the library to study for exam. They’re also easy to put on, so you’re able to get out the door fast and head to your next class.

This look is perfect for finals week—it gives her the freedom to express herself while still being able to get dressed quickly in the morning if she needs to study before class or if she’s running late.

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Hello! My name is Annette, I am a student at the University of California, Davis and have a love for fashion. I am hoping to double major in communications and graphic design. I love to draw, paint, read, and write.

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