ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Into Spring

Tired of all those bright spring colors that come out every year? Then this outfit is perfect for you! With this outfit, this Fashionista is transitioning a fall look into a spring look and it fits perfectly. Most plaids are only seen in the fall season, but the plaid print on this dress adds a lighter feel to it, along with the amazing addition of the teal color. With the start of spring still being chilly, a dress can be a little risky. So pair your dress with a medium weight jacket with minimal detail to force the plaid to stand out more.

Finally, and usually most important, the shoes. Depending on where you want to wear the outfit or how dressy you want to be, your shoes can change it all! This Fashionista paired her look with leather heel combat boot and scrunched gray socks, bringing out the gray in the dress. These boots give it the perfect mix of dressy and casual, making it awesome for any day of class. You can easily change the shoes to all black converse, totally changing the feel of the outfit to a complete casual look perfect for any occasion.

With this look you’ll want to finish it with more natural make up, focusing on the gold tones such as this Fashionista did, as it ties the whole look together.

Now, when it’s spring you don’t have to feel the pressure to put on those bright colors that you don’t feel comfortable in. Just transform your fall clothes!

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Megan Schilling

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