ALL IN THE DETAILS: Free Spirit Feature

Details are what make up an outfit. Fashionistas thrive on layers and colors that blend together into one uniform yet diverse look. This Fashionista in particular is all about applying various statement-worthy pieces in one outfit to create a free-spirited style. While there are many parts of the outfit to look at, each detail accompanies the other to form a connected flow. From the embroidered flowers on the top to a similar floral design applied to the layers of the skirt, the features of this look are perfectly balanced.

The core pieces of this look are the embroidered top and layered skirt. These are two trends that everyone seems to be catching onto recently, as they’re circling back around from when they were popular years ago. Embroidered patches have been added to everything these days, from tops like this to jeans and even jackets. Layers have been in style for quite some time also, as they bring a certain depth and texture to any look.

To add emphasis to the outfit, this Fashionista added a long vest, straw hat, knee socks and flats. The vest incorporates a patchwork style, similar to the skirt, further reinforcing almost matching details that correspond with one another. As the base of the outfit has more going on, the shoes and knee socks lean more towards the simplistic side to draw our eyes back towards the main aspects of this look. Carrying on the charm of her style, this Fashionista topped off the look with a belt that blends with the skirt, a floral headband that also complements the flowers on the core, and stacked jewelry on her arms and hands.

This is very much the feature of a free-spirited look. This Fashionista mentioned that she too believes that it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Wandering through the garden area at the college, she looked as though that’s right where she belonged. Whether it was the floral designs in her outfit that harmonized with the flowers in the garden or her endearing inner spirit, she carried an enchanting aura of grace.

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