ALL IN THE DETAILS: Harmony, Hierarchy, Balance, and Color

In an environment as eclectic as downtown Atlanta, standing out can feel difficult at times. This Fashionista masters this task perfectly, without looking gaudy and with a vibrant primary color palette that is present in the details of this vintage-like winter look. Blues, reds, and yellows are sprinkled among the mostly black and denim outfit.

This Fashionista developed her look around a unique piece from The Vintage Twin: a square scarf. She pulled her color scheme from this one piece, which is a very quick and easy way to build an outfit you are sure will work! This method also ties the entire look together and works best if you build around a single statement piece such as a colorful woven bag or an embroidered pair of booties.

Her lip color and how perfectly it matched her ring and the red in her scarf is what made this Fashionista’s ensemble catch my eye. Matte lips took the beauty world by storm this year and the way this lipstick looks with her mostly bare face reminded me why this lipstick finish is such a look!

Her earrings seemed to be an exact copy of her bag and the blue in her scarf matched the stones in these details, as well as the subtle blue in her frames. This homogeneity really added to the aura of unity her attire gave off. Pulling the mustard color from the scarf and finding a shirt to match was a smart move as well. The mustard top brings out the yellow tones in the scarf that otherwise would have been hidden had she worn a blue or red shirt.

This Fashionista created an outfit that reminded me of the elements necessary for a beautiful piece of art: harmony, hierarchy, balance, and color. Keeping these details in mind when getting dressed for class or for a night out will keep you looking your best, always!

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