Summer is here, and this means brand new trends and outfit options not seen for nearly a year! This Fashionista embraced the warmth of May with a vibrancy and color scheme that screams “school is out,” and paid close attention to one of the most important parts of any look—the details!

The focal point of this ensemble is, no doubt, the bright, knit tank top that brings the entire look to life, alternating between shades of yellow, orange, pink, and dark varying shades of blue. The little amount of incredibly electric color gives a pop without overdoing it and is a key little detail that makes a large difference in the look.

This Fashionista paired her top with color-blocked jeans that are both subtle yet trendy. The detail of opposing colors adds more flair while still remaining subtle and underrated. Baggy boyfriend jeans are a staple for the summer, especially on unexpectedly cool days, and color-blocking is a trend that just keeps getting bigger. When wearing a colorful top it’s best to keep the bottoms more subdued, and this Fashionista kept a lookout for keeping it both simple and detailed.

In terms of shoes, muted was the way to go, as this Fashionista wore artfully, dusty gray Vans that complemented the blue tones of her entire look. Hair braided back and septum piercing delightfully understated (yet effortlessly cool and chic), this edgy Fashionista looks both uncomplicated yet stylish.

In case of a brief wind, this Fashionista kept a slate gray, light army jacket on hand, which did not detract from the overall vibe of the look. In terms of detail, this Fashionista made sure to both keep with the tones of the look and give off a minimalistic vibe. Not trying too hard lies all within the details, and this look is a great example of how to mod-ishly do so!

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