ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace and Leather

Lace: a delicate fabric that makes you look like anything but delicate. It’s no secret that whenever one wears lace they feel like they can take on the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your underwear or it’s on your corset; there’s no doubt that lace makes a girl feel fierce and empowered. What is this sorcery? I don’t know; all that I do know is that it’s the little details, such as fabric choices, that can really make or break the outfit.

I’m a firm believer that lace and leather was a match made in heaven. Leather has the same effect as lace so why not combine the two? This is when layering becomes extremely important because you want to incorporate as many empowering fabrics as you can into one outfit, right? The more the merrier!

This Fashionista added a nude bodysuit under her lace corset giving the outfit more dimension. A lace corset alone is fun as is, but adding the top underneath makes it more trendy. Remember: layering is the best way to add details to any outfit! And that’s exactly what this outfit executes when it comes to the choker options as well. The pearl choker and gold chain choker compliment each other perfectly. One is longer than the other so it seamlessly continues the layered, detailed look without overdoing it. Remember what I said earlier about leather having an authoritative, sultry feel? This Fashionista took that sultry feel to another level by adding a leather jacket to the mix.

Now because the top half of the outfit has a lot of details going on, some may shy away from details on the bottom half of the outfit. This Fashionista didn’t. Of course there are limits. For example, not to say you couldn’t do this, but adding patterned pants may be a little too extreme. However, good ol’ denim could never do you wrong. The distressed detail adds a subtle touch to the bottom half of this outfit. In fact, if you look closer, you’ll notice that the jeans have stitching detailing on the knee which is a great way to sneak in some toned down details. To complete the look, this Fashionista sealed everything with some suede booties. The little things about this outfit is what makes it fun. Details don’t always have to be scary!


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