ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lingerie All Day

Come Friday, who really wants to put much thought into what they wear to class? But you know that if you go to class in last night’s pajamas, the rest of your day will feel totally out of whack. Rather than doing so, you can still look as if you just rolled out of bed by putting on a chic sleepwear tank and loose pants. You will feel as comfortable as if you were still wearing pajamas while maintaining your usual style.

All outfits are not complete until you add accessories. The key to keeping the outfit simple is to keep your accessories simple. A delicate necklace with personal significance adds personality and a wooden barrette with floral engraving completes the ethereal look. Top off the look with a pair of shades that go along with the aesthetic.

The trend of wearing lingerie in public seems to be more of a consistent style choice being applied to whatever trend is currently in style. This tank can be worn numerous ways. It could be tucked into a pencil skirt and worn with heels and a jacket. It could be worn over a tight turtleneck paired with cropped denim and sleek boots. The tank could even be worn under a shirt or dress so that only the lace neckline appears under the outfit. The options are endless. Whatever way you pair this sexy piece of lingerie, your look will no doubt become a hell of a lot more glamorous. The same concept can be applied by wearing silk shorts with more practical pieces or a silk robe over top of a non-sleepwear outfit.

When the end of the school week hits you and all you want to do is stay in bed, try donning a piece of lingerie to modestly protest the concept of Friday classes. You can then come home after and hop right into bed without having to change. It’s a victory for you, and a victory for fashion—the ultimate win, win.

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