ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mismatching Prints

It is safe to say that this abnormally warm February on the East Coast has everyone in the mood for spring and summer. With the early wave of warm weather taking over the atmosphere, you can always expect for the warm weather fashion to follow. Less boring gray clothing, and more fun, funky, and bright fashion. I personally have had enough of seeing the dull, monochromatic winter coats walk the campus, and I am more than ready to finally let spring spree. That being said, I couldn’t help but capture this chic spring-ready outfit that had everything a spring look could need.

I think it is more than necessary to highlight the boldness of the look. Sporting mismatching prints is one trend that could easily be a fashion disaster or creative brilliance. Contrary to the many common fashion mishaps that take place when prints are mismatched, this Fashionista’s bold inspiration turned out to be a flawless collaboration. The various details within this look is truly what brings it together. Between the flow of the burgundy warmth and turquoise blue tones, and the similarity in shape of the prints makes it all clash so seamlessly. Not to mention her polka dot print bomber with black cuffs and neckline trimming tied in her black Gucci loafers! Yes, ladies, I said Gucci. Last but not least, her corresponding gold wrist watch matched perfectly with the gold buckle elements on her shoes.

I truly cannot get enough of how effortless it looked for this original outfit to be thrown together. I think it is outfits like these that inspire Fashionistas to go for bold prints and colors that many are too timid to wear. Therefore, next time your thinking of sporting something out of the box, just go for it! Fashion is all about what you find to be in style. Whether it is the warm weather or the everyday innovative Fashionistas like this that inspire you, be bold and always let your style be free.

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